Watch how to lace your Inishfree Aoife Soft Irish dancing pomp

We are very proud of our Inishfree Aoife pomp and regularly get queries from home and abroad about how to best wear and lace our bestselling Irish dancing soft shoe.

3 times World champion dancer Brogan McCay, who wears our Aoife pomp, kindly assisted us along with Maoliosa Bond from Fasinatin Rythmn in Derry to produce this informative video.

Aoife Irish Dancing Pomp

Aoife Irish Dancing Soft Pomp

Our short clip, which you can view here online, will guide you through the correct lacing of our split sole pomp.

The feedback so far has been great – both beginners and teachers are finding this clip very helpful.

Let us know what you think.




The INISHFREE Flex 55 Irish Dancing Hard Shoe


For the last 20 years, The Flex 55 has been the Best SELLING Jig shoe for INISHFREE.  Loved in the UK, the FLEX 55 Irish Dancing Hard Shoe is best regarded for its durability and requires no breaking in. You’ll love it so much you won’t want to break- up with it!

We know buying hard shoes is quite literally a hard job, so whether your preference is for soft leather, a hard wearing shoe, great tips or simply a comfortable shoe, at Inishfree we know the FLEX 55 will tick all these boxes.







From our factory in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, we have a longstanding tradition of manufacturing to the highest standards.

Each FLEX 55 hard Shoe will be made by hand and above all with great pride and passion.  Each shoe features

  • Superior quality soft yet firm leather
  • Black Suede Outsole
  • Fiberglass Toe tip
  • Fitted Ankle Strap
  • Flexible outsole that bends with the foot
  • Poron heeled insole for superior comfort

So take a lesson from us and be proud of what you wear.  With INISHFREE expect quality and unrivalled value for money and above all accept nothing less.

With FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders over €100 that’s just the perfect excuse to road test a pair today!!!

SEAN NÓS Set Dancing Shoes

Sean nós dancing is currently enjoying a great revival amongst a new generation of Irish dancers. This form of Irish SET Dancing (different to Step Dancing) is a more relaxed free-form of dancing where most of the work is done by the feet being kept close to the ground and where the arms move freely and the body is encouraged to relax.

A near extinct style, it was revived in Connemara in the mid 70′s and soon the younger generation in the form of Roisin Ni Mhainin and later Seosamh O Neachtain took up the style and popularised it among a wider and younger audience.

Sean Nós dancing is characterised by its ‘battering’ style of dancing, commonly danced in hard-sole shoes and where dancers create intricate rhythms but avoid high kicks, leaps and toe walks. Sean Nós Irish dancing hard shoes therefore need to have heavy leather soles so that on a wooden floor they give the best sound and match well with the acoustic instruments. They must not have a sharp or metallic tip so that the shoe is audible while not demanding they be the centre of attention.

INISHFREE’s traditional SET10 Irish dancing hard shoe continues to be very popular among female dancers who need a little height on the heel but who require a flat, sharp and crisp leather outsole. We have just launched a new Men’s style called MAKEM which features a traditional Gibson shoe and NEW discreet ‘Phenolic’ toe and heel tips for a richer sound.

All INISHFREE products are manufactured to a very high standard from our factory in Cootehill, Ireland and are a Guaranteed Irish product.


MAKEM - Male Sean Nos Shoe


Irish Dancing World Championships 2012

Loop Pomp from Inishfree Irish Dancing Shoes

Our INISHFREE Irish dancing shoes are polished and ready for their performances of the year as April 2012 is one of the busiest months for competitions in the Irish Dancing calendar.

An Comhdhail are hosting their first ever World Championships this year in Citywest in Dublin and An Coimisiun (CLRG) are in full swing at their World Championships at the Waterfront in Belfast.

These events are a celebration of the success and appeal of Irish dancing and they serve to unite the World’s finest dancers under one roof.  Such is the large interest in these international competitions, that live streaming, photography and commentary is now in serious demand for friends and family unable to make the trip!

We wish one and all the very best of luck in the World’s this weekend.



TG4 Déanta in Éirinn


We were recently delighted to host TG4 – an Irish language station – to shoot the making of our Inishfree Irish dancing shoes in Cootehill for their upcoming documentary series entitled ‘Made in Ireland’.

As a four part series the producers were a 3 week road trip around Ireland, highlighting the best of  the goods and services that we have to offer, and no doubt we were only too delighted to be asked!!

Presenter Manchán Magan (who arrived in an impressive DeLorean!)  interviewed Mr Martin Whelan on the step to step process of how our Irish Dance shoes are made.

It was a great day for all and after a factory tour the team retired to our local pub for a session of music and learning how to Irish dance in Manchán’s brand new Inishfree Irish heavy shoes.

We’ll keep you posted when the programme gets aired!!!



TG4 - Made in Ireland

Mr Martin Whelan being interviewed for TG4




RED PATENT Irish Dancing Soft Pomps

We loooove new trends here at Inishfree and we are delighted to be now making the super shiny Inishfree RED PATENT Irish Dancing Soft Pomp .

As worn by our very own Siobhan Phelan on SKY’s ‘Got To Dance’ we think the simplicity of her dress and the burst of colour on her feet is really beautiful.

Irish dancing soft red leather pompsWe wonder if it is a sign of things to come.  Would you wear a pair of pink patent pair Irish Dancing Shoes or maybe even a green patent pair for St Patrick’s day??

We better get sewing…

Anti Blister Booties

There is nothing worse than suffering from dreaded blisters when you are trying to break in new Irish Dancing Hard Shoes.

Say goodbye to those plasters and hello to NEW EZeeFit Ankle Booties.  These tight fitting pull-on anti-blister Booties allow your foot to grip your footwear better, yet offer excellent protection from rubbing and blistering. These have been described a cross between sockless and wearing socks…

The anti-blister booties are so thin you will not notice you are wearing them.  We find that even runners, hill walkers, chefs, in fact anyone who is on their feet all day will benefit from the protection and warmth that the EZeeFit Ankle Booties provide.

Try them with your Irish Set Dancing Shoes or Irish Dancing Jig Shoes today!!!!

EZeeFit Ankle Booties

EZeeFit Ankle Booties


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about soft Irish dancing shoes

At INISHFREE we mostly get asked which Irish dancing SOFT pomps are best for me?

We divide our Irish pomps into 3 categories – beginners, intermediate and advanced to help dancers decide which pomp will suit them best.

For beginners our LOOP or EL POMP soft shoes are ideal for kids or casual dancers. They have a full leather outsole and full leather upper which makes them very durable. Note the El Pomp comes with side elastic loops for a tighter fit.

For intermediate or advancing dancers we are delighted to offer the NIAMH Irish dancing soft pomp. This pomp has a full black suede outsole which looks great and is super soft for lucid movement. It also has side loops for a better fit and a poron insole to protect soles for a softer landing.

Finally, our Professional or advanced pomp is the AOIFE Irish dancing soft pomp. This pomp is characterised by a split outsole which allows the pomp to be moulded so as to hug the arch of the foot. The beauty of the Aoife pomp is that it is flexible, enhances the foot and creates a beautiful elegant pointing of the toe.  Wear straight away as the soft leather requires no breaking in!

Niamh Pomp

The Niamh versatile pomp



Irish Dancing Loop pomp being made in Factory The INISHFREE brand of Irish dance shoes is manufactured by the Whelan family here in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Over the past 28 years, we have seen Inishfree evolve to become a recognised and trusted brand on many an international stage.

It’s success comes from a sustained commitment to using quality materials and a continuous dedication to on-going research and development.

We have posted a picture of one of our many talented personnel who has been with the factory since its development. You can see the LOOP Irish dancing soft pomp being shaped over the last and pleats being created at the toe area for a more refined and neater finish. 

We believe in being proud of what you wear and letting your feet do the talking! So follow our blog where Mr Martin Whelan MD of Whelan Shoes will be sharing over 40 years of his experience with hints and tips on choosing, buying, caring for and the upkeep of your Irish dancing shoes.