Anti Blister Booties

There is nothing worse than suffering from dreaded blisters when you are trying to break in new Irish Dancing Hard Shoes.

Say goodbye to those plasters and hello to NEW EZeeFit Ankle Booties.  These tight fitting pull-on anti-blister Booties allow your foot to grip your footwear better, yet offer excellent protection from rubbing and blistering. These have been described a cross between sockless and wearing socks…

The anti-blister booties are so thin you will not notice you are wearing them.  We find that even runners, hill walkers, chefs, in fact anyone who is on their feet all day will benefit from the protection and warmth that the EZeeFit Ankle Booties provide.

Try them with your Irish Set Dancing Shoes or Irish Dancing Jig Shoes today!!!!

EZeeFit Ankle Booties

EZeeFit Ankle Booties


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