FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about soft Irish dancing shoes

At INISHFREE we mostly get asked which Irish dancing SOFT pomps are best for me?

We divide our Irish pomps into 3 categories – beginners, intermediate and advanced to help dancers decide which pomp will suit them best.

For beginners our LOOP or EL POMP soft shoes are ideal for kids or casual dancers. They have a full leather outsole and full leather upper which makes them very durable. Note the El Pomp comes with side elastic loops for a tighter fit.

For intermediate or advancing dancers we are delighted to offer the NIAMH Irish dancing soft pomp. This pomp has a full black suede outsole which looks great and is super soft for lucid movement. It also has side loops for a better fit and a poron insole to protect soles for a softer landing.

Finally, our Professional or advanced pomp is the AOIFE Irish dancing soft pomp. This pomp is characterised by a split outsole which allows the pomp to be moulded so as to hug the arch of the foot. The beauty of the Aoife pomp is that it is flexible, enhances the foot and creates a beautiful elegant pointing of the toe.  Wear straight away as the soft leather requires no breaking in!

Niamh Pomp

The Niamh versatile pomp