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Selecting The Correct Size : Inishfree Irish Dance Shoes , Handmaking Irish Dancing hard shoes and soft pomps since 1988 in Cavan, Ireland

Selecting The Correct Size

At INISHFREE we are aware of the importance of wearing the correct size of Irish Dancing Shoes - nothing is worse than an ill fitting shoe as the norm favours a neat and snug fit. This is paramount to the dancer and more importantly the adjudicators!

This page contains tips and general guidelines on choosing the correct shoe size - please tailor to your individual preferences and if you are in any doubt please email your measurements to info@irish-danceshoes.com

Knowing your size

If you don't know your USA or UK shoe size please use the chart below with the measurement guidelines.


If you are unsure of the shoe size you require, we recommend that you draw around your foot on a plain piece of paper and measure between its two longest points (heel to big toe) in centimetres.

Choose the size corresponding to that measurement from the table below. For example:

Footh Length = 17.35cm
USA Size =
Size 12 Child
UK Size = Size 10 Child

How to draw.

Place the foot on a blank piece of paper and draw around it, ensuring the pen/pencil is held vertically. Draw a line along the foot from the heel to the toe edge and measure. Clearly mark the length of the foot in centimetres.

Finding Your Correct Size

9 Child
7 Child
15.399½ Child7½ Child
10 Child8 Child
16.2110½ Child8½ Child
11 Child9 Child
16.9411½ Child9½ Child
12 Child10 Child
17.7312½ Child10½ Child
13 Child11 Child
13½ Child11½ Child
1 Child12 Child
1½ Child12½ Child
2 Child13 Child
2½ Child13½ Child
3 Adult1 Child
3½ Adult1½ Child
224 Adult2 Child
4½ Adult2½ Child
5 Adult
3 Adult
22.755½ Adult3½ Adult
6 Adult4 Adult
6½ Adult4½ Adult
247 Adult5 Adult
7½ Adult5½ Adult
8 Adult6 Adult
25.58½ Adult6½ Adult
9 Adult7 Adult
26.259½ Adult7½ Adult
10 Adult8 Adult
26.7510½ Adult8½ Adult
11 Adult9 Adult
27.511½ Adult9½ Adult
2812 Adult10 Adult
28.2512½ Adult10½ Adult
28.513 Adult11 Adult

Hard Shoes

  • Our hard shoes are made to a standard UK width and correspond to your regular dress shoe size.

  • Note: A half size will normally give an extra bit of width to the foot.

  • Note: Hard shoes are generally worn nice and snug at the start allowing for possible stretching of the leather.

Soft Shoes (this applies to all soft pomps excluding the AOIFE pomp)

  • Our soft pomps are designed to fit to your regular shoe size.

  • For a tighter and more professional fit most dancers go down a full shoe size.

Soft Shoes (the AOIFE pomp)

  • The Aoife pomp is made on a last a size smaller than normal to give it its unique arch and wonderful fit.

  • For a tighter fit most dancers will go down one to two sizes on our Aoife pomp.  This is a personal choice about how tight you want the fit but do bear in mind that the leather will stretch slightly.

  • The Aoife patent pomp has a more firm feel and will fit a size smaller than your regular shoe size.

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