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The 'Niamh' pomp is an excellent supportive and comfortable pomp. It has a full length black Suede outsole which is preferred by most dancers as the suede soles allow a mix of slip and grip on practice or wooden floors.

It also features a  full poron insole that superior cushioning, shock absorption and breathability.

Leather side elastic loops ensures the pomp can be well laced and will hold the shoe tightly at the ankle, providing extra support and comfort to the wearer.

Overall, the 'Niamh' pomp has proved to be a versatile pomp, suitable for all dancers especially those who feel they need more support and comfort on their soles.


Wear with confidence knowing as this pomp is extremely lightweight with soft and durable full grain leather.  It is designed to last and will withstand countless hours of Irish dancing! 

We believe that IRISH MADE is Better Made and When Buying INISHFREE Irish Dancing Shoes you are supporting A GUARANTEED IRISH BRAND.

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